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To Rebuild a Shattered World by MarshalBraginsky
To Rebuild a Shattered World
Basically the alter ego of To Tame a Chaotic World and its improved version.

Same PoD as To Tame a Chaotic World, but there are significant differences:

*The Holy Roman Empire actually keeps Bohemia under its control and the Ottoman Empire has a bigger control of its Balkan territories than in To Tame a Chaotic World.
*The OTL Ottoman succession occurs, with Selim I and Suleiman I reigning, but Suleiman's eldest son Sehzade Mustafa succeeds his father. The Ottoman Empire itself on the other hand, survives with much more iron fisted control on its Rumelian territories, contributing to a great deal of emigration into Russian Zholtarus and Chernarus. 
*The Holy Roman Empire conquers all of Italy, thereby setting up for the possible Catholic-Orthodox rapprochement on equal footing. On the other hand, the Second Avignon Papacy becomes the symbol of the anti-rapprochement movement.
*No unified British Isles, as England survives on its alliance with the HRE, which has gone Western Uniate, with Philip Melanchthon as its Occidental Exarch.
*Fanagoria, which was supposed to be 'Novorossiya dominated by Bulgarian exiles", now has the Dnieper as its border.
*Prometheism is now basically an anti-imperialist ideology that seeks the dissolution of 'autocratic' empires like the HRE and Russia into several successor states based on self-determination.
*The German unification process went like this: Brandenburg united with Bohemia, Austria united with Bavaria and the Netherlands managed to annex a few portions of German territory, including the Ruhr area, where its industrial potential was realized.

*France now has control over a good chunk of North Africa, but not as close as its OTL counterpart.
*Ethiopia not only managed to give up the northern half of its country to the invading Somalis, but they managed to capture the Horn of Africa and expand into parts of Central Africa.
*Kanem-Bornu Empire survived as an Ottoman vassal, though their Emir is basically an equivalent to the Vezir-i-Azam (Grand Vizier).
*German "Draka" is basically a techno-geek heaven. Lots of Melanchthonites emigrated here.
*England's East African territory exists as an integral part of the English colonial empire.

*The UCGD is now combined into a clerical fascist superpower with the Inquisition as its secret police. Funnily enough, the Prometheists turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the Colombyolese people.
*Sidonia, or "Jewish California", stil exists, but now that the Russians had taken the northern half and attached it to Alyaska, there's nervousness and tension. The most populous city in Sidonia is New Sinai, which is basically OTL Los Angeles.
*Russian Alaska is much larger than its TTCW counterpart, and it also includes its own wheat fields and oil production facilities. It's not surprising that it chose to join the USK before seceding in ATL 1999.
*New Normandy is now a republic, and a neutral one too.
*German Guyana is an integral part of the HRE instead of being absorbed into the UCGD. 
*Nova Hibernia is basically an Irish successor exile, as their original homeland is being partitioned between the Scots and the English. Much better and bigger too.
*Alaska is dominated by the White Ruthenian and Ukrainian populations mixed with Russians and Native Alaskans. The Alaskan language is a mixture of Surzhyk, Trasianka and Aleut.

*China has taken more lands in Central Asia than usual. It's a fair trade for a larger chunk of what is basically Mongol territory to Zholtarus. 
*Japan now experiences a Serb-Croat style split between the predominantly Shinto Japanese and Orthodox Christian Ezochians.
*Chernarus is far bigger now, with the addition of Russian Polynesia. In addition, the Chernarusians remain the only predominantly Christian nation in the world to ban both Valentine's Day and White day, opting to designate February 14 as both the Chernarusian Armed Forces' day and the Feast of St. Trifun, who is also the patron saint of the Chernarusian Armed Forces. White Day is banned in favor of Victory Day when the Prometheists were defeated and they surrendered on March 14, 1946.
*Iran gets the Safavids back, but they intend to last far longer than their OTL counterparts, and they even took a big bite into the Indian subcontinent.
*Vijayanagara Empire has emerged as the truly neutral empire in the world. Unfortunately, they're smaller than their TTCW counterpart.
*Mahamalaya is still influenced by the Turks, although Germans and Englishmen routinely launch their visits to their ports.
Radama's Revolution by MarshalBraginsky
Radama's Revolution
A map made on the request of a member here.

The premise is that Radama I of the Imerina Kingdom lives longer as a result of better choices in his lifestyle, preventing his crazy wife from taking power. The result of Radama I's longer survival meant that he is able to reform and modernize the Imerina Kingdom and became known as the father of the Malagasy state. 

While Radama carried out his revolution, the longer lasting and more brutal Napoleonic Wars meant that Britain was able to take charge of the anti-republican sentiment. With France becoming a pariah as a result of Napoleon's death at a different Battle of Waterloo-like conflict, the British were able to whip up anti-republican sentiment. Radama's alliance with Britain also served as a model for the rest of the Western Hemisphere, as the Latin American colonies that revolted against Spanish control were instead transformed into constitutional monarchy on the British model. 

At the same time, a disastrous US territorial expansion with the results of their defeat in the Oregon War (where the 54-40 or war slogan became the symbol of American decline) and the subsequent imposition by Britain on the USA their reparations bill and territorial losses. The Anglo-Latin American alliance causes the fledgling United States to collapse by itself as it broke into two successor states: the Democratic People's Republic of Freedonia and the Confederate States of America. Freedonia and the CSA are at odds with each other, as the former Northern states started to embrace aspects of Syndicalism and the French political product known as communalism (basically primitive Communism).

Europe then became a dangerous powder keg, with France and the Italian states falling into revolutions more often, causing Britain to prop up Spain and Portugal as its allies. The collapse of the Austrian Empire as a result of the fallout from the alt-Congress of Vienna allowed Prussia and Russia to decide its fate, with the Russians giving up Poland in exchange for a chance to annex the two Romanian Principalities, giving itself closer access towards the Balkans.

Speaking of the Balkans, an earlier Yugoslav state emerged as a result of a much bigger Russian aid to the Greeks, Serbs and Bulgarians. A peace treaty that ended the alt-1828-1830 Russo-Turkish War forced the Turks to recognize the independence of Greece, Serbia, Wallachia, Moldavia and Bulgaria. A different 1848 allowed the Balkan nations to expand their territories at the expense of the Ottomans. 

Thanks to revolutionary fervor in France, the French colonial empire developed on a rather radical direction as the French communalists spread their civilizational mission in the name of Liberty, Equality and Social Justice. (Yes, TTL does have Social Justice Warriors with guns!) As a result, the African inhabitants got a better taste of equality and now these communalists are spreading their influence to nations like Freedonia.

The independence of Madagascar meant that the French were unable to expand into Indochina, but Germany managed to turn Vietnam into their protectorate. German engineers and colonists are at work modernizing the Vietnamese economy, and Prussian constitutionalism serves as a model for most Asian constitutions (even including Japan). At the same time, Britain is unable to expand its African empire because it failed to turn Egypt into its protectorate as a result of wily and sly Egyptian Khedives allying with the Germans. 

Asia is pretty much dominated by the Russians and Japanese, a cause for concern among the British, as they are still vulnerable in their Indian and Indonesian holdings. While the Russians are feared for their military juggernaut, the Japanese are feared for their ability to catch up rapidly and learn from new technologies. It certainly doesn't help the British that the Trans-Siberian Railway has expanded into Japanese Outer Manchuria and Japanese Korea. 

Fast forward to 1950 AD:

This world could be five or ten years behind its OTL counterpart due to the world being so stable, but the alliances constructed by Britain has done a splendid job preventing any further conflicts. However, the presence of the Communalists in France and Italy has caused a brain drain, with the French and Italian intellectuals escaping into Spain or the Latin American nations. While Germany and Russia have also maintained their technological edge, it is Britain who leads the world in technological and cultural innovations. That doesn't mean that the European Communalist Union is regressive. Far from it, they have introduced to the world trade unions, gay rights and social justice activism that would make OTL's SJWs glow green with envy.

The Western Hemisphere is stable enough, with Canada about to become its own independent kingdom in the 1990s as Britain has set a timetable for the eventual independence of its dominions. Madagascar, although not a colony of Britain, has earned itself a special status as an Associative Ally of the British Commonwealth. Under Radama's guidance, British style education has been introduced to Madagascar, with the Malagasys being proficient in the English language. 

The Russo-German-Japanese bloc remains the most regressive bloc in the world in socio-political terms, and Britain has often criticized the way the Russians and Germans treated their Jewish minorities. That is exactly why proposals for a Jewish state became more numerous, with East Africa and the Cape Colony in what is basically OTL South Africa as the leading contenders, followed by the Ottoman Jewish millet project that would have allowed the creation of an autonomous entity for the Jews of the MidEast. To everyone's surprise, Radama I and his successors also lobbied the British government to allow the settlement of Jews within Malagasy territory (sounds familiar?), and impressed by the Rothschilds who demonstrate their financial "skills", Madagascar would also host an influential Jewish population in addition to the Jews of Capeland and Uganda.

Scientific discoveries are much more common in this era than IOTL, owing to the lack of major wars aside from the ever growing threat of French Communalism. Republicanism has been delegated to the fringes of the global political society, and with Britain leading the bloc of constitutional monarchies, they're what we like to call enlightened reactionaries, as opposed to the extreme reactionaries found in the Russo-German-Japanese bloc. Medical breakthroughs have been the bigger focus of the scientific discoveries because of the lack of general conflict, as well as chemical and technological breakthroughs. However, human society remains at the 1920s level.

The world is currently split into three factions: the British-led Trans-Oceanic Community, which is basically a political confederation of constitutional monarchies, the Franco-Italian-led European Communalist Union and their radical republican sympathizers, and the autocratic Russo-German-Japanese bloc, informally called the Axis Alliance.
Code Geass: Zhirinovsky of the ISOT by MarshalBraginsky
Code Geass: Zhirinovsky of the ISOT
So this is basically an ASB map for a Code Geass ISOT crossover with Pellegrino Shots's Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire (you can get it on Kindle). It's basically the United States and the Union of Independent States in 1997 (before the Kosovo Missile Crisis*) ISOTed to the world of Code Geass during the Black Rebellion. When both Zhirinovsky and Bob Kerrey (who becomes the President of the United States) discover that they're in a different world, new opportunities arise with the presence of the three global superpowers of the Code Geass world.

After the ISOT, Zhirinovsky's Union of Independent States discover their new world to be perfectly ripe for chaos. Immediately, they began to make preparations for the invasion of Europe and the Middle East (although the anti-Chinese ranting that Zhirinovsky makes also terrify the Chinese Federation as they are also shocked at how much territory they've lost to the UIS as a result of the ISOT.

At the same time, Bob Kerrey is stunned and terrified to learn that his new neighbors in what used to be Canada and Mexico are replaced with an absolutist empire that displays the worst excesses of the British Empire he knew well. From the south, the Holy Britannian Empire relocated its imperial government to Mexico City after Pendragon was absorbed into the ISOTed United States of America. Now the US is also disappointed to learn that only Australia remains the only democratic nation in the world.

The result of the ISOT is that the UIS launches its invasion of the Balkans in order to secure its control over its occupied territory in the Republic of Serbian Krajina (the ISOT also affects UIS-occupied territories and Yugoslavia, but nations like Bulgaria and Greece are not from the Zhirinovsky-verse). Romania is shorn of its Dobruzhan province and CG!Bulgaria has been awarded not only Dobruzha, but Macedonia as well, to the chagrin of the Code Geass verse Macedonians who insist that they're a separate nation and not part of Bulgaria.

Out of the former territories of the MidEast Federation, only Iran and Kurdistan have been liberated by the UIS Army, though operating under General Chechevatov, one of Alexander Lebed's most trusted men. The Iranians of the Code Geass universe along with the captured EU scientists who are experts in Knightframe technology give the UIS the secrets of Knightmare technology, although the UIS has enough nuclear weapons to destroy entire Britannian industrial centers. Likewise, the US also possesses enough nukes to destroy any other city in the world, as well as Britannian military bases.

Sadly, it is the UIS who stands to gain from the vast opportunity to exploit the living hell out of the clusterfudge in Africa and to establish what has become known as the School of the Africas where children are being sent to train as child paramilitary soldiers who also go on to commit war crimes. Luckily for the Kerrey administration, the Order of the Black Knights are willing to team up with the US military in order to eject the Britannians out of Japan, as well as to reclaim northern Japan from the UIS-backed Tohoku Committee (some Poles who belonged to the USA of the Zhirinovsky verse are appalled at their similarity with the old Soviet-backed Lublin Committee). 

(Credits for the original map template goes to RoyalPsycho and some other artist responsible for the designs)
Hi everyone:

Since my experience in making Munroist style maps has improved, with the actual editing of RoyalPsycho's Code Geass map and my first successful completion my solo alternate history map "A Century Painted Blue" and now "To Tame a Chaotic World", I've gotten the hang of making these maps, so I will now accept request. However, if there's a request for certain sci-fi that I'm not too sure of, I might not be the best guy to do so. Even then, I'll try my best or I might have to find someone else to do it. Another project that I need to tackle is the offer I made to make a Code Geass Munroist map for the "Code Geass Megiddo" fanfiction. 

So far, I might only take request for Alternate History maps for now. 

Thank you,


P.S.: If you're an active member of and in need of maps or if you want to share my completed maps on the Map Thread, PM me first.
To Tame a Chaotic World by MarshalBraginsky
To Tame a Chaotic World
This is the map for the TL that was going to replace my other TL on, Ivangorod Prosperous.

The PoD is that Miguel da Paz survives past his infancy to become the great uniter of all the Iberian Kingdoms of Castille, Portugal and Aragon. The result is that the Iberian Union is established several decades ahead of schedule. The second one is that Katherine Tudor (daughter of Henry VII) also survives her infancy long enough to become the wife of Archduke George of Austria. Thus, when Edward VII's son Henry VIII still becomes king and is unable to sire a son of his own, Archduke George becomes the first Hapsburg King of England as King George I of England (England gets the Hapsburgs instead of Spain).

The survival of the Aviz in Portugal and the emergence of the Iberian Union ensured that the Hapsburgs of the Holy Roman Empire are free to take the lead in the Protestant Reformation, thanks to a series of Popes that were hostile to them and were pro-French. It also ensured that Roman Catholicism remains entrenched in France, Spain and the Italian states while Protestantism would emerge in Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. However, divisions within the Protestant Reformation emerged when Philip Melanchthon conducted a series of negotiations with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople on the creation of a Western Orthodox church. Though he was partially successful with the Patriarch controlled by the Turks, he also had an audience with Maximus the Greek in Moscow, where the Greek monk's influence over the Tsar's court ensured that the Non-Possessors emerge victorious. Thus the split within the Protestant movement was basically over the Church's right to possess wealth, with the pro-Possessors leading the Calvinist camp and the anti-Possessors leading the Melanchthonite camp. So while the Melanchthonites didn't have any wealth under their possession, they did manage to adopt tenets of caesaropapism and elements of the short lived Gallicanist experiment to refine their faith. In return, Maximus the Greek's legacy of the Orthodox Church's policy of banning the possession of wealth earned them more respect among the peasantry.

The colonization of the Americas became much more extensive under the Aviz-led Iberians, largely thanks to Portuguese naval expertise and the Spanish experience in land combat. The Iberian Union's existence had actually nullified the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas, giving incentive to other European powers to take the American pie. In addition, the failed English colonization of North America only encouraged the Spaniards to expand further, while England mainly focused on helping their fellow Hapsburg cousins in the HRE fight against the French. Meanwhile, the religious split within the Scandinavian Peninsula ensured that Denmark and Sweden were on the opposite sides of the Protestant Reformation, with Sweden having its own Western Uniate Church that looked more like Western Rite Orthodoxy than Melanchthonite Christianity (the Melanchthonites use the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory while the Swedish "Uniates" have adopted the Divine Liturgy of St. Tikhon).

The Aviz also had a fierce rivalry with the Ottoman Empire, and thanks to their possession of the former Portuguese Asian territories, they were able to gain access to China and had at one point taken control of Cochinchina. The colonization of OTL Papua New Guinea (in this case it was called Ilhas Manuelinas) by the Portuguese and later Spaniards had ensured them of some control of the South Pacific in the event that they would lose some of their other Asian territories, as was the case during the Ibero-Turkish Wars and the later Ibero-Russian Wars.

In the Caucasus, some minor slip ups on the part of the Safavid dynasty had allowed one of the Georgian statelets, namely the Kingdom of Kakheti, to not only retain their independence, but even expand north into what is now Chechnya and Dagestan. The expansion of Khakheti along with the annexation of Kartli had earned them the sobriquet of the "Great Uniter of the Caucasus", just as the Netherlands, a couple of decades later, were to earn the title "Great Uniter of the German States" and Sardinia as "Great Uniter of the Italian States".

The Russo-Polish Wars were costly for both sides, and a peace treaty signed in the 1520s along with some smart thinking on the part of the Polish and Russian rulers ensured that no wars between these two nations are to be fought ever again. Thus the Poles reoriented their focus towards the Ottoman Empire, and because the First Congress of Vienna did not occur (instead, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth would make a mutual succession treaty with the Kingdom of Denmark), the PLC also managed to snag Bohemia from under the Hapsburgs' noses. The addition of Bohemia to the Commonwealth had ironically made the centralization of the HRE a lot smoother. It also helped that the Hapsburgs also championed Melanchthonism as their preferred Protestant faith.

In Africa, the expansion of the Spanish Reconquista now took aim at eliminating the Moroccan Sultanate altogether, but little did they know that the Songhay Empire benefited from the weakness of their Moroccan rivals to emerge as the dominant power in West Africa. So while the Songhays were the Muslim superpower of Africa, the Ethiopian Kingdom remained the Christian superpower of Africa. In addition, while the Kanem-Bornu Empire also became a great power, the ambitions of various warlords along with the colonial ambitions of the Italian states had ensured that the Kanem-Bornu Empire would decline to a series of minor successor states, each ruled by warlords at loggerheads with each other.

The Ottoman Empire suffered from a second Interregnum when Bayezid died unexpectedly in 1508 from a heart attack while praying inside a mosque in Edirne. His three sons Ahmet, Korkut and Selim fought each other for the throne, and while the Second Ottoman Interregnum occurred, more potential claimants emerged: Sehzade Kamershah and Sehzade Alemshah. The Second Ottoman Interregnum was so destructive that no Sehzade took notice of the growing alliance between the Jagiellon dynasty of Hungary and the Serb nobles who used to work for the exiled Serbian Despotate.

By the time the Second Ottoman Interregnum had ended in a victory for Sehzade Kamershah, who then proceeded to kill his brothers (and their children, which unfortunately did include Selim's only son Suleiman while in Kaffa)by strangulation through Bostancis, the Ottoman Empire had been in ruins. The Second Ottoman Interregnum occurred from 1508 until 1524, by which Kamershah became the Sultan as Kamershah I. However, his short reign did prove to be a blessing as one of his sons (sired during the early years of the Second Interregnum) eventually succeeded him as Sultan Korkut I.

Though not as talented as his dead cousin Suleiman, Korkut I (also known as Korkut Kamershahoglu) became an avid reader and a lover of engineering. The reign of Korkut Kamershahoglu from 1527 until his death in 1571 was known as the Ottoman Reconstruction Period, where new institutions had to be rebuilt from scratch, and a maritime fleet had to be built in order to faciliate trade between the Ottoman Empire and the rest of the Islamic world. His reign would also be known for his friendship with the Shaybanids who took power in Persia (but the Safavids were forced to ally with the Kakhetians and later on the Muscovites) and ensured of Persia's continued allegiance to Sunni Islam.

Unfortunately, the Shaybanid conquest of Persia had come at a price, for their fellow Genghisid cousins the Timurids, not only failed to conquer the Indian subcontinent (Babur still succeeded, but the Lori Empire had made sure that no Timurids would come back to India), but the Vijayanagara Empire had taken upon themselves to launch their own version of the Reconquista, resulting in the decline and collapse of the Deccan Sultanates and the resurgence of the Hindu based Indian Empire.

In East Asia, the Dzungars not only avoided getting wiped out, but they also committed serious atrocities as well while on their way to prominence, with the Uyghurs being their most prominent victims (though their survivors would eventually flee to the Altai Mountains where they survived under Russian rule). A combination of luck on the Dzungars' side, a different birth of various Jurchen warlords, and some nasty intrigues on the part of the Ming court had caused the decline of the Ming Dynasty (even without an Imjin War to destroy them, as the Japanese were too busy with the Sengoku Period) only encouraged the Dzungar warlords to constantly raid Chinese cities for loot. Their decision to form a marital alliance with the declining Northern Yuan Dynasty (another Genghisid dynasty) would become the foundation of the Dzungar based Huang Dynasty, named after their base of operations in the Yellow River. The Joseon Dynasty in Korea only had to deal with court intrigues until when the Jurchens came into contact with the Russians in the early 1620s (as a result of an earlier collapse of the Tatar khanates) did the Koreans take note, but by then the Russians were busy consolidating their gains in Manchuria that resulted in the birth of the Yellow Rus' nation (or Zholtarus).

Speaking of the Russians, Vasily III's sudden death in the Siege of Smolensk forced the boyars to negotiate with the late Tsar's younger brothers, with Andrey of Staritsa emerging as Vasily III's eventual successor. A chance meeting with a young Ruthenian woman from Rohatyn who escaped from becoming a harem slave in a Crimean Tatar or Ottoman court ensured that he'd have a chance of ruling Muscovy. Furthermore, his alliance with Maximus the Greek and the Non-Possessors had greatly enhanced his popularity with the peasantry, as well as his patronage over two Serbian war orphans who fled with the help of the Jaksic family (the war orphans being Bajica and Makarije Sokolovic). Andrey of Staritsa's campaigns against the Tatar Khanates of Astrakhan, Kazan and Crimea occurred from 1521 until 1547, during which he greatly enhanced the power of the streltsy (foot soldiers in the Muscovite Army) and relied heavily on the usage of Cossacks as well as the acceptance of Bulgarian refugees fleeing from the Second Ottoman Interregnum. By the time the Russian conquest of Siberia had begun in 1564, Andrey had already died and one of his sons (Ivan Andreyevich, or another Ivan IV) succeeded him. It felt upon Ivan Andreyevich to launch the campaign his father failed to do.

As a result of an entrenched Iberian position in the Americas, the Hapsburgs launced an ambitious colonization of southern Africa to gain another access into the riches of Asia, and the discovery of the Australian continent (arguably the best kept secret) allowed the Hapsburgs of the HRE and the English to move settlers there. Transvaal (another Anglo-German venture) also prospered, though the black Africans of Transvaal were used as serfs instead of slaves, with the European peasantry being employed as craftsmen in the cities. The result is that Transvaal and Australasia emerges as the most industrially productive parts of the Hapsburg empire.


TTL's 1989 is only ten years ahead its OTL counterpart in technological advances (thanks to constant conflicts where new technologies are introduced and utilized for military purposes) but a century behind in social advances. Although racism has been tackled by integration of various races into Europe's empires, religious bigotry remains a powerful force. Monarchism still reigns supreme, with only a few nations actually being able to embrace democracy. 

*The Iberian Union is a clear example of a successful federation that has been achieved for centuries. Miguel da Paz's survival meant that pan-Iberian supranationalism has become strong enough to overlook racial origins for various subjects of the empire under their control. They are also the leader of the Counter-Reformation and devoutly Catholic.

*France may be behind the Iberian Union, but it does make up for it in scientific advances, though not as much as the Germans. Centuries of conflict between the French and the Hapsburgs (of which England is a party to) cemented bitter hostility and rivalry between France, England and Germany (the German states being unified in 1776 as a result of a successful recognition of a separate Bohemian kingdom that before 1776, the Hapsburgs refused to recognize Polish control of their wayward kingdom).

*England, Scotland, Wales, Britanny and Ireland did form one of the most powerful federations of the 20th century, the Democratic Federation of Britannia (after English Equalists voted their Hapsburgs out of power). As of 1989, ethnic tensions are boiling to a head and it would only take a spark for this Britannian Equalist state to collapse into civil war. However, the DFB was the Second Britannian State, the first one being the Kingdom of the English, Scots and Irish before becoming the Kingdom of Britannia. The first Britannian state fell during the Second Great World War when a joint Franco-Danish force invaded the British Isles.

*Central Europe is the hub of Protestantism, although Denmark, Scotland, Poland-Lithuania and Hungary have accepted the Calvinist-like Protestant faith while Sweden, the HRE, the Dutch and the English have embraced Melanchthonism. Melanchthonism has also been derided as corrupted by caesaropapism (due to their close ties to Orthodox Russia).

*The Balkans have been a turbulent place, with Serbia becoming the most heavily fortified and militarized nation in the world, on par with the Russian autonomous duchy of Chernarus.

*Russia remains the most unpopular European nation, but their focus on the Caucasus and Central Asia has mollified the more advanced Western Europeans. However, Spain has an undying hatred of Russia over the loss of Maniolas to the Russians. With the loss of White Ruthenia and Ukraine to the PLC, several new Russophone nations have been cultivated as a result of Russian colonialism: Alaska, Zholtarus, Gavaya and Chernarus. 

*Wallachia, Moldavia and the Cossack Hetmanate have united to form Ukraine, not Romania. Basically Greater Ukraine from the Danube to the Dnieper.

*The Songhays have retained an economic dominance over the rest of Central Africa through their trade in gold. Islamic banking policies had also ensured of their financial success, as usury is heavily discouraged. Even Ethiopia and the Russian Empire have adopted certain aspects of the Islamic banking system like the intolerance of usury.

*Ethiopia remains the lone wolf of Christendom in Africa, but the Ethiopians have recently made trade agreements with the Zairians. Zaire is also filled with both French Catholic missionaries and Ethiopian Orthodox monks seeking to convert Zairians to whichever Christianity they want.

*Transvaal has become the industrial engine of the entire African continent, although Kamerun and Nigeria have a say otherwise. Even if they possess more territories and factories, there's technological innovations to consider as well.

*Even the legacy of the Reconquista is still strong in North Africa, where the Iberian Union has its own territory there. Spanish Nuevo Cartago is the Iberian Union's shield and fortress against any attempted Moroccan reconquest.

*Egypt and Somalia are negotiating with the Ottomans on when they will get their independence. As of TTL's 1989, they are only three years away from achieving full independence.

*Nueva Malaga remains an agrarian society where racial stratification remains the norm. Although Nueva Malagenos are moving away from intensive labor based agriculture, the lack of industrial capability makes Nueva Malaga a poorer nation, compared to the heavily industrialized Colombyolese from the Union of Colombian Grand Duchies. 

*As of TTL's 1989, there are talks of disbanding the UCGD. If it did happen, then the successor states would be: Mexico, Patagonia, Peru and Brazil. A fifth entity is being discussed, namely the proposed Autonomous Vicecaptaincy of Hispaniola, which would consist of the entire territories of the UCGD's Caribbean islands.

*New Hedland is granted self-rule, but talks of independence are being held in public. No one knows when New Hedland will become an independent nation.

*New Normandy has attracted a lot of French colonists over the centuries, but their decision to extend their invitation to the Irish refugees fleeing from the Britannian Equalist regime has caused tensions to boil over between France and Britannia.

*Independent Alaska has already attracted immigrants from the PLC (White Ruthenians and Ukrainians), and their vast lands are waiting to be settled by ambitious ranchers in need of greener pastures. Alaskan agricultural products are among the best in the world, as Alaskan dairy and quinoa are highly prized.

*Sidonia is the result of a compromise between Alaska and the UCGD from the 1780s when Russian troops occupied the former Spanish province of California in addition to the Russian conquest of Maniolas (OTL Philippines). It was agreed that Sidonia would be opened to the world's Jewish population. Sidonia became an independent Republic, the very first democratic nation to arise in 1948. Before that, it was an Alaskan-Colombyolese condominium. Now Sidonia has overtaken the former Ottoman Jewish millet as the largest Jewish entity in the world, with Hebrew, Ladino and Yiddish as the official languages.

*Currently the Huang Dynasty in China have emerged as the economic superpower of Asia. Made in China products are actually better manufactured than their OTL counterparts, but that is due to the Huang Dzungars' emphasis on creativity and innovation. Huang China has not been slacking off from their performance, and Manhua anime is extremely popular. TTL anime would be associated with China, not Japan.

*Korea and Ezochi are good examples of Sino-Russian cultural fusion gone correctly. Well, Ezochi still has some bits of Chinese culture through Japan, which had some few Chinese influences despite not being a part of the Chinese tributary system until the 1790s when;

*Japan was forcefully dragged back into the Chinese tributary system, with a puppet Shogun reigning in Edo and the Japanese Emperor reduced to a King, though the Russians suggested that the Yamato monarchs be reduced to Grand Princes. The Huang Dzungars call the shots though.

*Chernarus and Zholtarus are two Russophone nations that are located entirely in Asia, although Chernarus is more diverse due to the huge amounts of Balkan migrants being shipped into southern Borneo during the Ottoman times. Balkan, Caucasian, Central Asian (even including Persians from the Shaybanid realms), East Asian and Russian immigrants have come to call Chernarus their home. Zholtarus on the other hand, only have Russian and Bulgarian migrants making it their home while the rest are Russified Jurchens and Mongols. Cochinchina is also a part of Chernarus too.

*In addition, Chernarus remains the only non-Muslim nation in this world to retain the complete ban on Valentine's Day, dedicating it to Armed Forces Day. White Day, which would be celebrated in East Asia and Russia, was instead dedicated to the commemoration of the Coalition victory over the Quartet Alliance in the Second Great World War. (TTL's WWII is fought between the Coalition Powers consisting of Russia, the Anglo-German alliance, China and Australasia against the clerical fascist regime in the UCGD, the Prometheist regime in Poland-Lithuania and the Ottoman Empire. 

*Australasia is the home of the English Hapsburgs who fled after the Equalists came to power in 1949. Anti-Equalist refugees from Britannia have arrived in Australasia.

*Hawaii is staunchly Orthodox Christian, and it has become a tropical paradise for tourists from all over the world. It wouldn't be surprising to see Hawaiians of TTL speaking Russian.

*Equalism: Basically TTL's version of Marxism-Leninism, Socialism and Communism, but mixed with egalitarianism. Basically Equalism strives for the complete equality of all human beings and tolerance for diverse thoughts. Economic wise, equalism also aims at the abolition of the classes (through violence, if necessary) in order for economic parity to be achieved. Sidonia has elected an Equalist regime ITTL's 1948 while Britannia followed suit the next year, although that was the result of the Franco-Danish invasion of England. 

*Prometheism: Basically TTL's variant of fascism, though Prometheism is also an OTL ideology. Both TTL's Prometheism and its OTL counterpart aimed at the complete dismemberment of the Russian Empire by supporting separatist movements, but in this case Polish Prometheism also aims at supporting the Spanish reconquest of Sidonia, Chernarus and supporting the independence of Zholtarus and Ezochi. Prometheism has poisoned Russo-Polish relations.

*Clerical Synarchism: Basically caesaropapism on steroids, but without the State subjugating the Church. It is an ideology commonly found among Orthodox Christian and Melanchthonite nations. Clerical Synarchism emphasizes the joint rule of the secular head of state, the clerical head of the nation's church and a parliamentary council.
Hi everyone:

Since my experience in making Munroist style maps has improved, with the actual editing of RoyalPsycho's Code Geass map and my first successful completion my solo alternate history map "A Century Painted Blue" and now "To Tame a Chaotic World", I've gotten the hang of making these maps, so I will now accept request. However, if there's a request for certain sci-fi that I'm not too sure of, I might not be the best guy to do so. Even then, I'll try my best or I might have to find someone else to do it. Another project that I need to tackle is the offer I made to make a Code Geass Munroist map for the "Code Geass Megiddo" fanfiction. 

So far, I might only take request for Alternate History maps for now. 

Thank you,


P.S.: If you're an active member of and in need of maps or if you want to share my completed maps on the Map Thread, PM me first.

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Scythians in Civ VI?

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